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Creating Meaningful Impact

Since our launch in 2020, the team at Horizon for prosperity and empowerment has worked tirelessly to promote our cause. We are fortunate to have volunteers and staff from all walks of life who bring their unique expertise and resources into everything we do. This is what enables us to achieve our goals year after year.

While there is always more that can be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through happy faces and heartwarming feedback. See how you can become part of the difference.


The Faces of Our Organization

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are at the heart of what we do, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization forward. Without them, Horizon for prosperity and empowerment would not be where it is today. Meet some of our team members below.

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Abubakar Mohamed


With us since our founding, Abubakar Mohamed is one of our veteran team members and has played a critical role in shaping our mission and projects. He brings his years of experience and skills in helping Horizon for prosperity and empowerment grow and make a measurable impact.

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Muna Mudey

Vice chairman

Muna Mudey joined Horizon for prosperity and empowerment with the vision and drive to improve our Non-Profit Organization and make our name synonymous with social change and human betterment. Muna has focused on developing the organization with great integrity.


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Hussein Ali


Experienced, trustworthy and driven. These are just a few of the ways that coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. Hussein Ali  is truly inspirational and makes it a pleasure to come to work.

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Hamadi Muya 


backed by human right advocacy certificate, Hamadi brings some of the best talented/skills and experience needed in the organization to fight inequality and injustices. he is known to be the best critical thinker as well as truth teller.

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Our Borad members

Some of the most experienced and dedicated team board members who are the back born of the daily operations for Horizon. conducting various tasks within the organization

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